IPTV was born in the mid-90. At the dawn of the year 2020 and since the strength of the internet connection, it became indispensable to homes and around the world. To put it simply, IPTV allows you to have TV channels on various types of support via an internet connection. For those who do not have a Smart TV, to have IPTV services, you must have an IPTV box or an Android box. On the market, we find legal subscriptions like at Free or orange and totally illegal subscriptions.

To what extent. is it legal?

An IPTV service or subscription is legal when the provider pays the copyright and broadcast rights. At the end of a film, a documentary or other, as soon as an entity broadcasts them, it pays a share of copyright and dissemination to its owner. This is the law in many countries including France. So when you watch a movie on a TV channel, tell yourself that the channel pays a commission to the producer of the movie. For channels on IPTV it's the same thing, all broadcasts are subject to copyright. For a comparison of the best legal IPTV subscriptions, 

Here are some tips to recognize that an IPTV is legal:

- The subscription costs at least 18 € per month: this price is not fixed. Legal subscriptions are a bit cheaper (15 €) during the pay seasons. This price can also go up to more than 30 € depending on the number of channels, the type of channel or the exceptional event to buy as during the World Cup for example.

- The subscription provider is known and has at least one physical office and a valid contact. Most of the time, legal providers have shops where you can request after-sales services or to make and redo your subscriptions.

- The provider has a website where he explains that his subscriptions are legal. The site of this type of provider is easy to recognize. It offers bouquets with ten, twenty or more than a hundred channels. For the illegal, for a modest price, we offer thousands of channels.

With a legal IPTV service, you can either use the provider's box as for Free or Canal +, or use an Android box and install the appropriate applications to make your subscriptions. The use of Android boxes is not illegal, as is the use of VPN to access foreign channels. It's the type of subscription that makes it illegal or not. If you find a subscription and are unsure of its nature, you can search the web. There is always a site that tells you that the service is legal or not.

To what extent iptv is it not legal?

An IPTV service is illegal when it does not respect the law of broadcasting. That is, it broadcasts movies, documentaries, and more without paying broadcast fees and copyrights. This is another form of counterfeiting. And all those who consume and buy counterfeit goods are also subject to civil or even criminal penalties.

How are these illegal IPTVs doing ? They copy videos on a torrent platform for example and they store them in their server to make them available to users. They also capture television channels around the world to broadcast.

You'll recognize an illegal IPTV service with these few details:

- The price of the subscription is well below the legal subscriptions. Here, we talk about ten euros for thousands of channels in the world. Some providers offer less than 100 € a year with an unlimited number of channels.

- The number of channels offered exceeds 1,000: for the most expensive subscription for illegal, you have more than a thousand channels from around the world. There are national and international channels, sports, documentaries and even pay channels.

- The payment of the subscription is done only on the site via PayPal or other means of online payment. This is the typical offer of illegal services. You can not subscribe or renew in a shop because they do not have one. This type of payment is risky because you can have nothing at all after your payment.

These are just the most visible points. With a little more experience, you will see at first glance on the site that they are in the dark.

If you subscribe to this type of benefit, know that you can incur up to 3 years of imprisonment without talking about the fine to pay. At the same time, you will be prohibited from using the internet connection. Of course, you will be notified two or three times and if you re-offend, the imprisonment will be in the program. Also be aware that with new technologies, internet service providers are in full search to bypass the uses of VPN.


Even though illegal IPTV tariffs are tempting and even though the number of channels is phenomenal, the risks are enormous. Now that you have all the elements in your hands on the legal and illegal IPTVs, it's up to you to make the choice. We do not advise in any way the use of illegal services. If you want to pay less, make a price comparison of legal subscriptions and take the cheapest. There are also free subscriptions of several months especially during the holidays.


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