IPTV BOX in a few points: Multicast and triple play

Today, when it comes to talking about media or broadcasting TV program, it is impossible not to think about the Internet broadcast (Internet protocol). In other words, it is impossible not to mention the term IPTV (live television). What is it exactly? Who can benefit? What are the benefits of using IPTV? Is it legal to pay an IPTV subscription? and use an iptv server? Even though today thousands of households have already adopted this system in usa , there is still a considerable number of people who are lost when it comes to talking about IPTV (streaming). If this is your case, thanks to our comprehensive guide, the IPTV will have no secrets for you.

IPTV BOX in a few points: Multicast and triple play

IPTV or Internet Protocol TeleVision is a system that allows access to the various French television channels via the Internet (without demodulator). Thanks to IPTV, it is now possible for a person, for a home to watch TV programs from a computer or directly from a mobile device while enjoying the quality of digital television.

Since there is internet, the giants in the broadcast of TV programs like canalsat have understood that the public of the moment prefers to spend more time on their smartphones, tablet, rather than stay in front of a television. It is for this reason that they began to consider another solution for access to TV channels (thanks in particular to VLC player). Because of this new attitude of viewers, several brands have re-adapted the offers they offer to the general public. This is for example the case of Canal + which decided to enrich the offers it offers to its customers by creating mycanal.fr. Many brands currently operate in the IPTV market, which explains the variety of IPTV offers and subscriptions currently available to all interested parties. Before making the points on these different offers and before revealing the best IPTV subscriptions of the moment, it is first crucial to determine what is really an IPTV subscription.

Principle of the IPTV subscription

As mentioned before, an Internet Protocol subscription allows you to watch the TV channels of your choice by different media (computer, mobile device). To be able to take advantage of the subscription, you must however have an internet connection (which uses the bandwidth of your internet provider orange / sfr / free ...) Thanks to an IPTV subscription, you can thus access channels intended for sport in usa like those offered by Bein Sports and Canal Plus. This type of subscription also captures the attention of those who wish to access free channels.

What equipment does it take to enjoy IPTV BOX or SMART services?

For people who want to enjoy IPTV services on their TVs, it is mandatory to have a device that allows access to the Internet (set top free IPTV). For this, it is possible to use a Smart TV Signed LG or signed Samsung. Smart TV or connected TV or the smart screen allows you to directly access the replay service, VOD, social networks without the need to make configurations. For that, it is enough to connect it to the internet by a adapter CPL or wire.

For people who can not take ownership of such equipment, a simple computer can do the trick. By cons, in this case, to access the IPTV from its TV, it will take ownership of an Android box or an IPTV box. Once you have the device available, you simply need to connect it to your TV. Just like with your mobile device, you need to download apps like Molotov TV and My Channel on your TV.

To begin using the service, identification is required to access the service. After this step, you will have the chance to enjoy the different IPTV applications currently available from your TV and you have TV via internet. If this is the solution to access the internet from your TV, what solution is there to enjoy a French channel from a foreign nation?

What price must I pay for an IPTV subscription?

Depending on the choice of each, it is possible to pay to become an IPTV subscriber, but it is also feasible to take advantage of the service for free. If you choose the second option, you must simply use a legal application. Molotov TV is one of them. For pay channels, the price of the subscription may vary depending on the rate set by the broadcasters. Bein sport usa (bein sport hd) and Canal + are for example part of the list of pay channels of the moment.

How to access French channels from a foreign country?

For people who often travel abroad, it is often impossible to access live French channels. This is for example the case if you travel to some African or Asian countries. To remedy this type of problem, it is possible to bet on the use of a VPN.

how to use a VPN? The best VPN for IPTV

This is the service that can replace the IPTV service as it may not be available in some countries. By choosing this option, it becomes possible to watch some streaming even if you are on an area that is not allowed to access such content. In case you are in a country where IPTV subscriptions are prohibited; the VPN will protect your identity, so you do not run any risk. The IPTV subscription is illegal,

IPTV Subscription and Benefits 

Before choosing to sign for an IPTV subscription or not, take stock of the various benefits (eg no need for satellite dish and satellite receiver, everything now through the WIFI) service may be able to help individuals. So, if you still have trouble grasping all the interests of using this type of service, these few points will certainly serve you.

Already, to operate an IPTV box, you need nothing more than an internet connection. With IPTV, even if you made your subscription when you were in usa , you can still access the channels that interest you even when you are traveling in a foreign country. In other words, the service is not limited by geographical location. This is one of the greatest assets of this type of service. So, wherever you are, to enjoy your IPTV subscription, just connect to the server and you're done. This is because the service has no satellite coverage because it does not use this signal. All channels that customers receive through an IPTV subscription only work from the internet.

For those who use for example an Android decoder to enjoy an IPTV subscription, it will eventually be possible for any tablet, mobile phone running Android to access this service. With an IPTV subscription, you have the option to enable or disable all the channels you will not like to watch.

Even for novices, it's very easy to handle an Android Box. To enjoy it, simply plug it in to instantly watch the channel that interests you. Depending on the Android Box you have, you can benefit from an automatic addition of all the new channels that are attached to your subscription. However, for novices in the use of Android TV box, you should know that not all Android boxes are similar. There are good and bad devices. So, to prevent you from making a mistake when you buy your device, we tried to regroup for you the best Android box currently available on the market.

The best IPTV subscriptions of the moment

In terms of IPTV subscription, know that on one side you have legal services and on the other hand, illegal benefits. In usa, to avoid problems, opt for legal IPTV subscriptions is highly recommended. Note that currently, the market offers you a wide choice of subscription. Thanks to this service, you can watch TV, replay some programs, you can also enjoy VOD or video on demand. Some subscriptions will also allow you to directly control what you are watching. To help you select between legal and illegal IPTV subscription services, we've put together a short list.


You automatically benefit from this service as soon as you make an internet subscription or a mobile subscription at the operator. To access the majority of applications in this service, you must use your credentials. This service gives you access to high definition channels. Apart from the access to the channels that you have chosen during your subscription with the provider, this service also allows you to access the VOD unlimited download and streaming of the replay service.

My Channel

One of the best legal ITPV subscriptions on the market, the My Channel service is directly accessible to Canal Plus subscribers by using the identifiers on mycanal.fr. With your subscription, you can watch live streaming IPTV and this, both on your PC and on your mobile devices. For those who are not subscribers to Canal Plus, it is possible to choose offers such as channel + offset, channel + on demand or mycanal. There is especially the sport bouquet, the bouquet film serie, cinema ... In other words, thanks to this type of subscription, you can watch tv on pc or on a device running android.

Le Molotov TV

Launched in usa in 2016, Molotov TV meets the needs of people seeking a quality and legal IPTV subscription service at a time. Considered today as the future of TV, the service is available to anyone with a device running Android and iOS. It can be used on a smartphone, on a tablet, an Android Box, a device signed Apple. If you have a very high speed connection, you can enjoy HD quality for free. Wherever you are, with Molotov TV, you have access to 36 TV channels, free channels. Better yet, it will allow you to watch shows simultaneously on four screens.

Tips for choosing an IPTV BOX

A large number of criteria are to be taken into account when it comes to choosing the right Android IPTV box. By paying close attention to each of these criteria, you can be sure to invest in a safe bet.

-- The IPTV box's RAM

The first criterion is the RAM. It must be important to allow the device to be fluid and fast. A device with a large memory can easily play audio files and video files. A device with a large memory makes it easier to launch video games. It is therefore essential to choose a box that has at least 2 GB of RAM.

-- The operating system of the device

To choose the right housing, you also have to take a look at its operating system. Make sure to only bet on accessory that incorporates an operating system that is recent. This is important to be able to regularly update. Today, it is for example possible to select a device running Android 5.0, Android 7.0 or 7.1.

-- The HDMI port standard

If you're looking for a high-definition box, stay tuned to the HDMI port standard. It will then choose between a device that offers a full HD or ultra HD image.

-- La mémoire interne de l’appareil

Internal memory also plays a vital role in the choice of the device. It is necessary to invest only on the models with a capacity of 8 GB to 64 GB.

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